Episode 010 – Anxiety And How To Deal With It

In this episode Adam Culp shares what kept him from creating new posts these past couple of months. It also contains updates about his running and activity status, and also shares plans for the coming months.

This episode also shares thoughts and stories related to anxiety, panic attacks, and other associated things to dealing with anxiety. And closes with a call to those who do not deal with anxiety issues…yet.

Disclaimer: This episode is not intended to diagnose or recommend treatment, or a lack of treatment. If you feel you have some mental or physical problems, please seek help from a professional. This recording is intended to share experiences only.

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1 thought on “Episode 010 – Anxiety And How To Deal With It

  1. Thanks Adam,
    Just finished listening to the podcast at the office. My coworker also listened was very appreciative of the tips / advance on dealing with anxiety.

    Good Job!

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