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Episode 002 – Approaching speakers, new running shoes, feeling stupid, S3 log side project, consultant travel, and technical debt

In this episode we speak about PHP community and approachability of conference speakers, new running shoes and typical miles that can be run on a pair of shoes before replacing them as well as wear patterns, feeling stupid in skills if they aren’t used often enough, new s3-logs-analyzer side project created to monitor podcast downloads (but can be used for any files on S3), typical travel as a consultant, and what is technical debt and how to tackle it as well as when an application rewrite is OK.

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Episode 001 – Conferences, User Group Talks, and Performance Audit Tools

First episode of Run Geek Radio. With SunshinePHP 2015 behind him Adam Culp talks about upcoming conferences Lone Star PHP, Open West, and Bulgaria PHP. Then speaks about organizing ZendCon and how finding speakers for conferences and user groups are similarly tough, but there can be some “wins” through email blasts.

In running related content he continues to ramp up his miles each week in his training to get back to ultra distances. Other training related topics such as Udo’s 3-6-9 Blended Oil and Probilic SR protein are awesome additions to help optimize physical performance in healthy ways.

Then he finishes up with more tech talk with introductions to various tools that help when conducting performance audits on web applications.

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