Episode 015 – Framework talks and PHP conferences

Adam Culp (RunGeekRadio) shares why there are no PHP framework specific talks at SunshinePHP for 2019. Also calls for open source  packages, frameworks, and other software to announce any updates, news, or new versions at SunshinPHP 2019.

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Episode 014 – My predictions for PHP development in 2019

Adam Culp (RunGeekRadio) tells his predictions for what may be in store for PHP development in 2019. He also shares what his challenges were in 2018 that prevented him from podcasting more, and informs what his future plans are.

#1 – PHP will continue to gain popularity for web application development in 2019

#2 – PHP will continue to see new growth in the Enterprise for 2019

#3 – PHP communities will continue to grow and include more new people

#4 – Async in PHP will continue to increase as a need in 2019

#5 – Serverless PHP will get wider adoptions and usage in 2019

#6 – PHP Microservices, and Middleware, will continue to grow in usage for 2019

#7 – Unfortunately, beginners will experience a harder time finding new jobs in 2019

#8 – PHP version 8 will become more defined in 2019

#9 – Widespread PHP Frameworks will experience some decline in favor of componentized development in 2019

#10 – PHP will see larger API creation footprint in 2019, and wider adoption of standards that gained momentum in 2018.

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Episode 013 – Why developers and contractors suck

Adam Culp shares his latest schedule for speaking and a his recent realizations from dealing with poor contractors for his new home. Then reflects on how this has helped him focus more on how he deals with customers, as a web developer and consultant.

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Episode 012 – Conference talk and tutorial tips

Adam Culp shares his latest schedule for speaking and a recent experience where he found he was not able to prepare a workshop fully prior to an event. Then highlights some tips and hints on how to prepare ahead of time for a conference talk to ensure everything goes smoothly. Including posting code, slides, and a place attendees can provide feedback.

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Episode 011 – Refactor saves time and debugging

This episode shares thoughts about how developers can often find themselves wasting time while tracking down an issue even though a quick refactor might fix or highlight the issue, saving themselves and their company time and money.

We also talk briefly about debugging and the time spent setting up an IDE to allow easier debugging of an application. However, IDEs are not making this as easy as we’d hoped. Adam will be posting to his blog, GeekyBoy.com, when he completes some step-by-step scripts on how-to.

Adam Culp also updates on his running and activity status, and the progress of his physical therapy for the shoulder injury.

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